The World Won’t Save Itself.

A thousand clerics of a hundred different gods squabble. The Dwarf King grows ever more insular. The Elven Queen pits her children and subjects against each other. Dragons plot and scheme. The dead rise. The High Druid threatens to throw off the yoke of civilization while the Orc Lord’s howling legions harry the borders of an unprepared Empire. An young, untested Emperor holds the throne… for now.

The Iron Wolves won’t save it either. They’re too busy juggling favors, trading secrets and escaping with their lives. Living a life unbeholden to any of the world’s great powers isn’t easy, but at at the end of the day, your life is your own, even if it’s miserable. Besides, being a hero is a lousy job. There’s no money in it.

Three of the Wolves’ newest recruits are learning this the hard way. Sometimes, saving the world can be easier than saving yourself.

An Age Unbegun: Not Men, but Wolves

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