Determined Forest Witch


This half-elf stalks the wood like a cougar and surveys her land like a hawk. Her brown hair seems to have green highlights, though that could just be a trick of the sunlight through the canopy of her Bitterwood domain. Like a stone, she will not bend. Like a sapling, she will not break.


For an age, witches have tended the wild places. For generations, Baila’s family have been among them. For years, Baila had protected a corner of the Bitterwood from the people who lived nearby, and the people from the Bitterwood that surrounded them. When members of the Black Brand were tracking a dangerous monster that had retreated into her wood, and she refused to give them aid, to shelter them, or to pacify the other things that she shared her wood with, they clasped her in irons and carted her back to Bulga Keep. There she waited for an opening that seemed like it would never come, until Albus made plans for Gnellis to spring her during the chaos.

She and Gnellis seem to have found their way outside of the keep, though where she went from there is anyone’s guess.


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