Gnubile Gnomish Gnave


You might call Gnellis preposterous. Most people would probably agree with that. After all, she spends more time tending to her appearance than she does her weaponry. She refuses to wear a helmet, insisting instead on a little mithril dragonfly barette, situated just-so in her snow-white tresses. Rather than carrying a traditional holy symbol, she wears an amulet of an engraved book, bound with a lock and key, affixed to a choker. She disdains heavier armor, opting instead for a light breastplate, smithed to her exact proportions, worn over a tight set of leathers.

You might call Gnellis preposterous… but you’re probably either turned on, jealous or ashamed. Or maybe all three. She’d like that best.


“So, there’s this gnome, right? And she serves the Knot of Secrets, like, she fights for him and protects his interests and stuff, right? But… I dunno. It seems like she spends more time making dirty jokes about His Inky Tentacles than she does interrogating anyone.”

“Yeah… I heard she made a pass at the apothecary, and now his wife’s left him!”

“Oh? Last I heard, she was getting all her drinks for free down at the Dancing Dog, and the lady behind the bar seems REALLY happy lately.”

“I… actually took her home, once. Best night of my life. We talked all night. We drank all my wine. We made love under the stars… Only thing is, I can’t remember my middle name anymore.”

“Isn’t it weird that she’s working for Jeran, though? I thought that guy was celibate.”

Recent History:
“I can’t believe that gnome betrayed us! She waited until we were at our weakest and robbed the armory!”

“She kidnapped the smith and the cook! I knew she couldn’t be trusted!”

“Its her fault those foolish followers of Vo kept the Keep. Gnellis the gnome will pay for her slights against us… as will her damned allies!”


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