Proud noble, big bully


With her beautiful red hair and striking green eyes, she’d be pretty if she didn’t look so pissed off all the time. She wouldn’t look so pissed off all the time if you weren’t so stupid. It’s probably better that you don’t mention any of it.


Gretta doesn’t have much in the way of tragic secret histories. She was a noble in a prominent family on Anvil. She paid a lot of money for good secrets to put her enemies in the ground whenever a duel wouldn’t do. This eventually led her to Vo, and eventually to Jeran. Not only does she know he has all the good dirt on her, but he’s actually somewhat close to being reasonable, for a human, and is something she can almost call a friend. When things in Anvil got too hot, it only made sense for her to throw in her lot with him and his crew… and then everything went to hell and she got sent to Bulga Keep.

Recent History: Following the Battle in the Library of Bulga Keep, Gretta is a woman divided. She’s not sure whether she should be pissed off that they were robbed, pissed off that their prisoners escaped, pissed off that half the keep were apparently traitors, or pissed off that three nobodies came in, did what the keep had been failing to do for months… and then, apparently, incited a religious schism.

To keep her mind off of it all, she’s decided to just be pissed that there are lizard people in the woods near the Keep.


An Age Unbegun: Not Men, but Wolves Eel Eel