Disgraced Cleric of Vo, Seeker of Truth


There’s something vaguely owlish about this aging cleric’s appearance. He has an air of seriousness and gravity, and the silence that often surrounds him seems almost predatory. His face is broad and a thick mustache covers his upper lip. A thick book, titled “Eight Forbidden Wisdoms”, kept bound under lock and chain, is always in his possession.


Jeran once made the mistake of erring on the side of compassion. He turned a blind eye to a young man’s dalliances with a minor demon when the man gave up information on a small vrock cult. When the demon skinrode her lover into a murderous frenzy and then forced him to confess to a local inquisitor, Jeran’s name came up, not only as the youth’s savior, but also as his uncle. Had he been young and experienced, he might have been taught a harsh lesson, and he might have gone on to be a great leader in the Crusader’s ranks. He was not young, however, and he’s been assigned a post where he can do neither harm nor good. Bulga Keep is too far from any hellholes for him to do the sort of work that might get him forgiven in either life or death.

Recent History: After the party infiltrated Bulga Keep, masqueraded as the Crusaders’ men, took out the orcs, incited a religious schism and left, Jeran exiled the followers of Ygses. He’s still a man of slow action and long words, but he’s resolved himself to be more proactive in furthering the Crusader’s goals. He now “understands” that he was put here as a test, not a punishment.

He’s wrong, mind you, but he’s still working with that.

He’s noticed that he’s missing both his holy book and his journal full of specially crafted forbidden wisdom and secret knowledge. He’s very vexed by this and if he ever sees Gnellis again, he will end her.


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