Ambitious upstart


When you first look at her, Keenley might seem a little plain. She’s not bad looking, but it’s easy to look past her when you consider the raw magnetism that most paladins possess. She keeps her strawberry blond hair up in a serviceable bun. She wears simple, but effective armor. Her sword is similarly unadorned, free of most of the embellishments that many of her peers seem to revel in. The minute she’s in the field though, everything changes. Something inside her seems to catch fire, and you can’t help but be transfixed. There may be more beautiful women on the battlefield, but surely, none nearly so worthy of your attention, so deserving of your service.


Keenley has no clue who she pissed off or how, but it’s clear that she’s on someone’s shit list. She was told early on that she’d never be officer material, even though she frequently out fought and out performed her squadmates. Right out of training, when she hoped to prove herself on the battlefield against demonic hordes, she was stuck on a shit detail with a doomed unit out in the styx. Figurative styx, anyway. Luckily, every single denial or rebuff just makes her ambition burn brighter. She can feel something in her stirring, pushing her harder, and she knows that one day, perhaps one day soon, everyone will see her true mettle, and those who don’t kneel down and pay the proper respects… they will burn. Every rejection, every slight, will be a brand, and if the fires don’t kill them, perhaps the shame will.

Recent History On the surface, it seems like Keenley has been unaffected by her recent exile. Keen observers might notice that it seems like she’s trying to bury a deep sadness somewhere inside her… or perhaps she’s stowing it away, hiding it for safe keeping, until she needs something to burn.


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