All the fury of a dragon, wrapped in a roughly man-shaped package


Krask is huge, even for a dragonspawn. He is immense. Like, “butters his bread with a short sword”-big. He’s the kind of big where actual dragons might get a little jealous. Of course, he’s also decked out in gleaming plate emblazoned with the symbol of Ygses, the Vengeful Flame, as well as every single bit of jewelry he can manage to get onto his massive frame… which just gives the dragons more to be jealous about.


As a gladiator in Axis, Krask was kept well-fed and was given every luxury his owner could afford… but he was never really free, and his owner made sure he knew that. On his final day as a gladiator, Krask fought a battle so brutal that even Crusader was said to be impressed. That night, Krask’s owner was given an insultingly low offer for Krask’s purchase from an anonymous source. Some say that, against all logic, he took the offer and packed up and moved with his wife to Shadow Port. Others say something more sinister happened.

If you ask Krask, he’ll tell you the first rumor is obviously false. How does he know? Well, his owner was his last meal as a slave. His owner’s wife was his first meal as a free man.

Recent History: Krask took on all comers in the brawl in the Library of Bulga Keep, promptly got spanked and ran off. During his exit, he was knifed by the recently liberated cambion, who then took his name.


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