Kreth-Nugar (Eric Porter)

Sorcerer with the Soul of a Demon


CON 15
DEX 12
INT 11
WIS 14
CHA 18

AC 15
PD 13
MD 13

HP 24
Recoveries: 8 (1d6+2)

Melee Bonus

Race: Human
Racial Power: Quick to Fight

Skulk 2
Occult Scholar 3
Freeloader 2
Porter 1

Class Features
Wizardry Access
Dancing Lights

Infernal Heritage (Resist Fire/Psychic 12+)
Spell Fist
Blood Link: Diabolist

Lightning Fork
Burning Hands
Chaos Bolt
Resist Energy

Infernal Heritage
Ritual Casting


Icon Relationships
Diabolist: Conflicted 2
Priestess: Negative 1
Prince of Shadows: Positive 1

One Unique Thing:
I was infused with a demonic soul as a small child, saving my life but at the cost of my twin sister’s still-beating heart.

Eric Porter almost died from a a wasting sickness when he was only an infant. Both he and his sister, Jillian, were doomed without some sort of profound intervention. And then, along came the Diabolist. She promised Eric’s parents a miracle at the cost of an atrocity. She could save one of the children, but demanded the still beating heart of the other as payment. It came down to a coin toss, that neither of his parents could make, and Jillian was sacrificed so that Eric could live.

What the Diabolist didn’t bother mentioning was the the sickness wasn’t just consuming the bodies of the children, but that it had already consumed their souls. Saving Eric was only possible by infusing him with the soul of another being. That being was Kreth-Nugar, a Vrock sorcerer whom the Diabolist was losing interest in working with.

It wasn’t long before living in a normal community became impossible for Eric, and he moved to Shadowport at an early age, figuring that the problems of his demonic flare-ups wouldn’t hurt anyone important there. In Shadowport, Eric found a community far more welcoming than he had imagined, but still sleazy enough that he felt little remorse for the problems he caused. Besides, nobody seemed to notice or care that a few extra people got sick and died after he moved in, or that there was the occasional fire, or stench near where he lived, it was the docks after all.

Living in Shadowport, Eric made a few friends here and there who seemed a little more aware and interested in his slightly unnatural state, but rather than condemn him for it, they were jealous that Eric had anything else that he could choose to do with his life. Still, Eric was more interested in being a citizen than a sorcerer, and decided to go to Santa Cora, hoping for divine help.

Instead, he caused the deaths of half a dozen holy men, and made for a quick escape to Newport, crafting a disguise and alter-ego along the way. If he was going to be stuck as a sorcerer, he might as well separate that part of himself as much from his real life as possible.

Kreth-Nugar (Eric Porter)

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