Flighty oracle


Bright-eyed and bubbly, Linna’s probably about the last person you’d expect to directly channel the god of dark revelations. There’s a bit of cognitive dissonance once you see her slender frame clad in black and green lacquered armor. She shouldn’t look so at home in it. That sword shouldn’t look so natural in her hand. There shouldn’t be anything threatening about the way her black hair frames her elegant features. Her wide, cheerful smile and sparkling blue eyes really, really shouldn’t look so eager to spill your blood.


Linna’s always had a knack for oddly accurate guesses and bizarre, but fruitful intuitions. If you wanted someone to guess the number of beans in a jar, she was your go-to girl. If you needed someone to notice that the local abbot of the god of familial piety was spending an awful lot of time with the school’s (married) headmistress, that’d be her. And if you needed someone to mention, casually, in their sleep, that the orphanage would burn down in a week after someone left an oil lamp burning in the stable? Unfortunately, she’s the best person for that job too. Luckily, she’s not the person you’re looking for if you want to burn someone at the stake for knowing all sorts of things they shouldn’t. She’s much, much more likely to be the kind of person to get secretly rescued by a penitent priest of the god of dark revelations and then dropped off at a near-by citadel of the Crusader.

All hypothetical, of course.

Recent History: While scouting the orcs with the party, Linna had an ill-timed Revelation of Vo. Everyone kept tightlipped about it upon their return, but the experience has left her confused. Like, moreso than normal. Why did Vo speak through her? Is he going to do it again?

She’s had a lot of time to think this over since she started working in the kitchen after the schism. She has a hunch that there’ll be some new staff at the Keep soon, though…


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