This is Mal as a bard. I may change her to rogue. I’m going to look at both of them and try to make her as both a bard and a rogue to see which I prefer.


STR: 10
CON: 14
DEX: 18
INT: 12
WIS: 8
CHA: 17

AC: 15
PD: 13
MD: 12

Hit Points
Max: 27

+ Well-Traveled Troubadour: 2
+ Emperor’s Favorite Performer: 3
+ Thief trained by infamous leaders in Shadow Port:3
(Might be taking the feat that lets me have 2 more background points)

+ Balladeer
+Jack of Spells (Might be taking a different one)
+Battle Skald

Battle Cries and Battle Songs
+Pull it together!
+Stay Strong!
+We Need You!
+Song of Spilt Blood
(wondering if I should trade one out for something like Charm Person or Befuddle…)

Icon Relationships
+Emperor (Complicated 2)
+Prince of Shadows (Complicated 1)

—Might reverse them, not sure. Would love to have more than 3 points for relationships!



Retrieved for the emperor a legendary item widely speculated to have been stolen by the Prince of Shadows. At the same time, stole another famous item for herself. There was a third item that she was unable to capture and, as a result, she is now obsessed with finding again and possessing that item as well someday.


She’s just a little under average height with a fairly curvy figure that she doesn’t feel any shame in showing off (She doesn’t feel shame, in general, per se…). She has very fair skin that sunburns extraordinarily easily. She has black eyes (the irises so dark it is hard to see the pupuls) and coal black hair that is spiral/banana curled. She shows off a lot of leg.

She shows off a lot in general. _;

BACKGROUND (So filled with ‘unique’ things your soul will sing, but you will not hear it because you are simultaneously groaning and rolling your eyes so hard. _)

Malika grew up among thieves in Shadow Port and, as a result, learned the trade herself. She showed such skill and promise at it that a few prominent and infamous leaders in Shadow Port took her under their wing and trained her further with the assumption that she would work along side them forever. While it was a fun experience while it lasted and she was quite capable, Malika didn’t particularly relish the thought of being indebted to anyone and one night ran away with a band of wandering performers (along with just a few small trinkets to remember her former leaders’ by). The performing group she was with was relatively popular and stopped at many large cities and it was while she was with them that she met the emperor.

The emperor took a liking to her and asked her to stay as a part of his court. She left the group she was with (taking from them small trinkets to remember them by) and joined his court immediately as it was massively good for her ego. It was while she was part of his court that she overheard him talking about how desperately he wanted the legendary (whatever it is) and joking about how he might make it a quest for someone to obtain it for him. “But, of course, they’re doomed to fail since it belongs to the Prince of Shadows”. Malika, being extremely self-confident and lacking the wisdom necessary to care that this would be 1) dangerous and 2) the emperor wasn’t serious about someone getting it for him- set off to find the item.

She was victorious. She brought the item back, stunning and impressing the emperor; after, they became very good friends.

But Malika isn’t very good at sticking around and doesn’t care much about routine. While she doesn’t harbor bad feelings or ill will for people, she doesn’t feel particularly indebted to them either and tends to do whatever she feels is right for herself at that time regardless of social protocol or protest. So, tired of being a part of the emperor’s court and ready to see some place new, she took off into the night without a word to him… and, as she’d done with all previous people she’d left behind, stole a few personal trinkets of her time there, including directly from the emperor himself.

Her goal is to eventually collect a third, ‘legendary’ item that has haunted her dreams and has been a matter of obsession since she first saw it a few years ago. But given all the complicated relationships and burned bridges in her wake, she might find that a bit difficult.


Malika is an intrinsically selfish person. She is not cruel, unkind, rude, or anything of the sort- and it’s not even that she’s unwilling to help out people who need it. It’s just that she’s not the sort of person to do something she doesn’t feel like doing- for any reason at all. She doesn’t feel indebted to others, she doesn’t feel like she has to be charitable for no cause, she doesn’t think she needs to behave in any way that she hasn’t decided, all on her own, that she feels like behaving. She can be extremely friendly, charming and inspirational… but she’s not particularly reliable. She will do whatever she feels like doing right up until she doesn’t feel like doing it anymore.

And she isn’t at all offended when others treat her exactly the same way. She doesn’t know why they wouldn’t and is rather disturbed by truly selfless people. For instance, the stories about how great and selfless a person the “Priestess” is makes her extraordinarily uncomfortable and suspicious.

She’s extroverted and adventurous, but also a bit of a braggart.

The Placeholder Image I used is from:

Curls are hard to draw and I wanted a picture here soooo…


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