Hapless "Captain" of the Dogfish


He used to look confident. Now he just looks scared. He doesn’t have any weapons or armor on him, unless you count his cutlass… but something about the way he stands lets you know that it’s more of a showpiece than anything.


Ortiz, if that is his real name, is the apparent captain of The Dogfish. He seems to have some minor talent for organization and management, but it’s become patently obvious that he has, at best, a cursory understanding of seamanship. He earned his place on the boat after angering the wrong person in Shadowport (Skeezy Jake, perhaps?) and, like many of the ship’s crew, was paid a large sum of coin to play the part of sailor and trader and never, ever return. Despite this, he seems to have family, perhaps in Shadowport, that he cares deeply for.


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