(Not quite) Bad as he wants to be


Tolor looks every bit the villain. His face is gaunt. His black hair is slicked back. His lips seem to be in a smug, self-satisfied perma-snarl. His face is scarred in just the right way that it leaves him looking striking rather than disfigured. And there’s something in his eyes… it’s either pure, unadulterated malice, or it’s fear, mixed with alienation.


Tolor really, really wants to be a bad person. If he were a bad person, he’s pretty sure he could get pretty far in the ranks of the Crusader’s army. If he were a bad person, he could have it all… wealth, power, prestige. If he were a bad person, he could do the things that have to be done (even if it’s to good people) so that the rest of the world can live, never knowing how much danger they’re in. If he were a bad person, he could sleep at night. If he were a bad person, maybe, just maybe, he could forgive himself for everything he’s done.

Recent History Having been beaten mercilessly twice, stripped of his worldly possessions and sent out into the wilds, all due to some sort of meddling interference from interlopers he’s never met, Tolor’s pretty sure that, when he gets the chance, he’s going to be a very, very bad person.


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