This was once a tiefling. Now it's meat.


This battered, crippled tiefling winced with every footfall and would scuttle to the shadows, as if trying to remain unseen. When asked about children, he was suddenly quiet, lucid, and despite it all, quite talkative.


While the Black Brand didn’t keep very extensive records on this particular prisoner, Albus eventually uncovered that he was apprehended after murdering the children of several prominent noble families in and around Glitterhaegen, in an attempt to wrack them with grief and lead them into a downward spiral of misery and despair which would, eventually, he hoped, lead to more widespread ruin and chaos. The children were just a means to an end.

While confronting Joachim in the Library, Malika was forced to execute the prisoner to prove both her loyalty, and that she had the wherewithal to make the decisions he did on a daily basis, and thus, was fit to question him. And with that, he died bleeding on the floor, his grand dreams of chaos largely unrealized… just a means to an end.


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