Self-loathing servant of Vo


Vinn would look fairly unremarkable, if it weren’t for the slight orangeish cast to his skin, the inner eyelids that blink just a second before his normal ones, and the spiraling ram’s horns that protrude from his brow.


Vinn can’t help what he is, but he sure can hate it. He was born into serving the Crusader and every minute’s been a living hell. He thinks he’ll probably lead everyone around him to ruin and it’ll probably be because of whatever horrible taint lurks in his blood, and he’s only comforted by the fact that the future is uncertain and maybe something worse will happen first. He serves Vo not in hopes that his Inky Tentacle will reveal something, but out of hopes that he can appease Vo enough that the dark god will never reveal just how close Vinn is to his demonic heritage.

Recent History: No one’s quite sure why Vinn seemed to hate Tolor so much following the schism, but it took a long conversation with Jeran about why torturing a follower of the Vengeful Flame, especially one you know you’ll be releasing soon, is a bad idea, to get him to stop espousing especially harsh torments for the betrayers. Well, most of them. Oddly, he never said much about what to do with Keenley.

Beyond that, he seems to have somehow grown more comfortable in his skin since the schism. He’s had to do plenty of the cooking since the exile of the Vengeful Flame’s followers, and it’s almost like that’s given him time, or reason, to think about his place in the world without hating his own guts.


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