Bull's Boots

These boots are better than yours. And your mother's ugly. You wanna fight about it?


These boots are emblazoned with a bull motif.

Default bonus: Disengage checks and other checks involving fancy footwork: +1 bonus (adventurer); +2 bonus (champion); +3 bonus (epic).

Whenever you move to engage a foe first and then make a melee attack against it during the same turn, you deal +1d6 damage, hit or miss (champion: +2d8; epic: +4d10).

Quirk: You like to start fights as much as you like to finish them.


These boots wer found as a part of an orcish hoard near Glitterhaegen, and were originally held by Blind Bull, a member of the elite militia of dwarven exiles known as the Black Sons.

These are currently unattuned.

Bull's Boots

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