Hideous Gauntlet

The bony material of the gauntlet is kind of creepy, but the asynchronously blinking eyes on the knuckles are downright unsettling.


This gauntlet has eyes on the knuckles, aiding archers and spellcasters.

Always: Bonus to attacks and damage with ranged attacks: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

The bonus doesn’t stack with bonuses from magic weapons or implements.

Chuulish recharge: Until the end of the battle or for five minutes, you can see the unseen. Invisible creatures are visible to you, and you spot illusions for what they are.

Quirk: Bone ridges and oddly patterned callouses on the arms.


This gauntlet was pulled from the still-living body of the chuul held captive at Bulga Keep, after it ransacked their armory and tried to escape into the sewer.

It is currently unattuned.

Hideous Gauntlet

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