Clanless (axe)

Bearing this heavy axe is almost as much a punishment as a boon.

weapon (melee)

Once per battle:
Before you roll your attack you may lower the bonus you add to your attack roll, and add that amount to you damage on a hit. If you miss the power is not expended and you gain +2 to your next attack roll.

Quirk: You are obsessed with what your ancestors would think of your actions, and strive to be worthy of them.


This weapon was found as a part of an orcish hoard near Glitterhaegen, and was originally held by Arnor Stonewright, a member of the elite militia of dwarven exiles known as the Black Sons. He was given this weapon to serve as a reminder of the clan he dishonored and the society he owes everything to.

Attuned by Tobel.

Clanless (axe)

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