Left Hand (dagger)

Wielding this wickedly curved dagger in your right hand feels oddly like wearing a shoe on the wrong foot, no matter how you hold it.

weapon (melee)

This dagger is made of a strangely lusterless black metal.

Default bonus: Attacks and damage when using the weapon: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

This dagger allows you to lower a natural attack roll by one, once per battle.

Lefthand is friendly and persuasive, and other magical items like it. It can be wielded alongside another magical melee weapon, though each weapon occupies a chakra as normal.


This dagger was found in the armory of Bulga Keep. It used to belong to the dark elf Antorzar Ghym’ar’Rylin.

It is currently unattuned. It’s twin, Right Hand, is currently attuned to Gnellis.

Left Hand (dagger)

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