Dwarven Mug

One more round!


This ivory mug features four carvings of four dwarven faces. If the mug is viewed upright, the faces appear serious, however, when viewed upside down, the faces appear happy and decidedly inebriated.

One in four mugs of ale you drink from this mug will be magically transformed into the very finest non-magical dwarven ale. If your relationship with the mug is good, the variety might even suit your current mood and the odds of getting a good brew might improve in your favor. But really, who’s going to complain about putting down a second, or even third, mug for the chance to get a taste of the best stuff? When that excellent ale does show up, you can share a sip or two with a friend, but other attempts to capitalize on this mug’s magic will just shut it down until it can find a more suitable owner.

Quirk: Speaks in dwarven, especially while drunk, even if ordinarily unable to speak dwarven.


This mug was found as a part of an orcish hoard near Glitterhaegen, and was originally held by a member of the elite militia of dwarven exiles known as the Black Sons.

It is currently unattuned.

Dwarven Mug

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