Tome of Divinities and their Deeds

This book provides exhaustive detail of many myths involving Dark Gods. Most of these myths are suposed to be tightly held secrets known only to the devout.


In addition to the tales, the book contains many rich appendices providing practical knowledge of many Dark Gods.

(Recharge 16+)

When you cast a divine spell, heal using a recovery and add +1d6 hit points to the total (champion: +2d8 hp; epic: +4d10 hp).

Quirk: Sees the hands of the gods operating subtly through the natural and social world, and makes others aware of it.


This book was originally held by Jeran, leader of the Black Brand and master of Bulga Keep. Albus helped Malika knick it right before they left.

Tome of Divinities and their Deeds

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