Upon first glance, it looks kind of like a giant, malicious, hateful lobster. Upon closer inspection, you just kind of regret inspecting it closer.

Where chuuls came from, and just what they exactly are, is kind of a mystery. About all that’s commonly known about them is that they’re dangerous, they’re horrible, and they absolutely, positively hate anything even vaguely humanoid. They aren’t even allowed near Drakkenhall because the City of Monsters’ citizens aren’t monstrous enough.

If they were just rampaging beasts, they’d be easy to deal with, but they aren’t. They think. They cooperate. They lay traps. They plan. They aren’t just cunning; they’re actually intelligent. They’re completely consumed with hatred and loathing, which they express through a rage that we can only interpret as psychopathic… but they’re intelligent.

Sometimes, chuul eggs can be cultivated into strange, living magical items. In rare cases, Such dubious “miracles” don’t even require cultivation; a chuulish egg will just hatch into something that’s not just willing to work with a humanoid, but actually eager to develop a symbiotic bond with one.

Surely, that can’t be a bad idea.


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