Loot Compilation

This page is reserved for cataloging loot, items and such, since Obsidian Portal offers item pages, but no convenient way to really link them to the wiki in general.

Clanless, a dwarven greataxe
Gleamreave, an enchanted falcata
Left Hand, half of a pair of deadly daggers
Prism, a jian forged of otherworldly metal
Runebreaker, a non-magical hammer of dwarven make

Armor, robes, shirts, tunics:
Ghost Armor,, armor made from the hide of a spectral beast
Helleather, armor made from a strange leather from an infernal realm
Spidersilk Robes, robes spun from the silk of specially bred spiders

Belt, swordbelt, kilt, girdle:

Books, scroll, manual, grimoire:
Tome of Divinities and their Deeds, an encyclopedia/prayer book to various Dark Gods

Boots, sandals, slippers, shows:
Bull’s Boots, boots emblazoned with bulls

Cloak, mantle, cape:

Glove, gauntlet, mitt:
Blackgage Gloves, elegant duelist’s gloves
Hideous Gauntlet, a wretched glove of gleaming bone, green-black chitin, and strange, blinking eyes

Helmet, circlet, crown, cap:

Necklace, pendant:

Thief’s Eye, a vivid cat’s-eye gem, set in a simple silver band



Symbol, holy relic, sacred sickle:

Whitewood, an elegant, simple wand of white, nearly grainless, wood

Wondrous Item:
Dwarven Mug, a large tankard decorated with carvings of dwarven faces

Loot Compilation

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