Str 16
Con 14
Dex 10
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 14

AC 18
PD 14
MD 14

HP 27
Recoveries: 8 (1d8 +2)

Melee bonus +4
Damage bonus: 1d8 +3

Race: Human
Racial power: Quick to fight


Clerical training: 2
Scout for the Militia: 2
Underground Exploration: 2
Back Alley Survivor: 2

Sun/Anti Dead
Life/Death (Might switch this out for Strength)

Healing- Adventure feat
Heal- Adventure feat
Ritual – Free

Spells and Powers

Cure wounds
Hammer of faith
Turn Undead

Icon Relationships
Prince of shadows: Conflicted 1
Crusader: Positive 1
Lich King: Negative 1


One Unique thing

Ambushed by an horde of undead, Kayle barley escaped and fell into a underground Cave.
Bleeding out and near death, Kayle discovers a magical item that a dark hemisphere oozing darkness.
Kayle reaches out in desperation and feels a cold wave empower him with healing.
Upon waking up, Kayle is skin turned to a grayish ash, with darkness clinging to his body.
Forever changed upon this cures, but a blessing he will never forget he received from the Darkness.


Kayle is well armored in heavy armour that seems dirty and worn out.
Standing about 6’2" and holds his stature straight. Some scaring is on his neck and face due to combat with undead.


Kayle was raised as a priest of the sun God. Practicing the ways of light and peace that spreads over the Kingdom of the Dragon Empire. After the schooling at the temple and Kayle become of age, Kayle decided to join the Military that resided in smaller villages and locations to aid and protect other from the Evil Lich King. Kayle then started getting to understand the basic strategies of the process of halting the undead by destroying graveyards and the dead.
At the same time Kayle could give right passing to the non buried and spirits who were lost.
Later Kayle became the scout for his squad of men to destroy roaming undead causing trouble in the land. Things went well for a short time, until one night.

The squad knew of a roaming group near the mountains and decided to attack at night. Movement could be done better then. However they were mistakenly wrong, they got ambushed instead.
Men were slain that night, screaming in agony and in fear for their lives. For no one could hear or help their dying plea. Kayle barley escaped as he saw in horror his men die before him. Stumbling away from the battle, Kayle fell down a cave entrance that seemed out of place, falling forever it seemed. Becoming conscience, Kayle saw he was bleeding out and injured while unable to heal. Stumbling around Kayle sees a dark hemisphere oozing darkness, reaching out to touch it feels comforting to his wounds. Falling unconscious again Kayle keeps hold of the item. Upon waking up, Kayle’s skin is turned to a grayish ash, with darkness clinging to his body.
Forever changed upon this cures, but a blessing he will never forget he received from the Darkness. Now he no longer directly serves his lady of the light but also the Darkness for his life.

Weeks went by while Kayle wandered around the underground but was able to survive by eating the wildlife that lived down there and little water. Upon finding his way back, Kayle no longer had any desire to join back to the militia. Discovering where the location of the Crusader and working with him took interest in Kayle. However some confusion comes across him because others think him as the Prince of Shadows, but with time others realize that Kayle is no thief.


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